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November 2014
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1114 At Any Point of Any Breath

At any point
of any breath
one can become

At any point
of any breath
any one can
become aware!

It is extraneous to first say,
(or think,)
"Now, I will meditiate..."
only then - to breathe in - ...
in preparation to begin ...

Sufice it to say,

"At any point
of any breath
one can
become AWARE...

1014 Demons

The demons that i carry with me are taming over time;
mellowed by the mountains and the canyons that i climb;
succumbing to the serenity surrounding us within the trees;
and then joining in the journey until everything agrees.

Once i convince them we are one,
we’ll work together having fun;
aligned as if we had one purpose;
rejoicing each time we make progress…

…but the ones that wait for me at home
get more rambunctious while i roam
and tend to stir the ones i’ve turned
when, for a time, we have returned.

So i spend my home-time packing,
preparing for another trip,
in hope that i can leave behind
the ones that would have me lose my grip.

0914  Life Is An Expedition: Get Packing!!!

Many possess the best excuse for not exploring the possibilities…
They are unable to take a moments rest from all of their responsibilities…
And when they finally catch a break from these…
The only thing they can muster
Is to do all of the stuff
“that should’ve been done”
While wielding a feather duster…

Life is an expedition,
a journey into the unknown…

but we dig ourselves
a deepening rut
where we make our self at home…

takes a bit of nerve-
to risk everything for the thrill
of experiencing life for all it is worth…
until we are lying still...

I would never tell my brother that the way he lives is wrong.
It is not my place, and further more,
i sing a different song,
in praise of nature, and of beauty,
and of overcoming fear,
and encouraging every single soul
to hold each other dear.

Life has so many niches, and they will all be filled.
Which one is yours is for you to say.
(This point need not be drilled.)

So, well enough, i leave alone,
for i am driven from the core
to cast my lot to uncertainty,
and to see what is in store…

...though it surely lead to my demise,
is that not where we all are headed?

as i am lying on my deathbed,
this one thing will not be regretted:
i will not wonder what would have been,
if I had only taken chances.

The aches and pains and broken bones
will remind me of the dances,
of all the highs and all the lows,
and all the jubilation;
of the agony, and the ecstasy,
and the unlimited frustration;
of all the traps I fell into,
and each successive liberation;
and of every soul that I hold dear…


will take
my last breath,

– smiling –

setting off for
the final

Like Two Keys on a Budweiser Fob

Suppose we were two keys
Hanging beside each other,
Both on the ring of the same Budweiser fob;

And we just happen to be marked
By the impression of fingers,
Imprinted in a glob of butter
That dripped off the corn on the cob.

How long do you suppose we could stick together?

Because, the cooling of the evening
Congealed that butter drop,
Which oozed into our grooves,
Causing us to be sealed…

I hope that nothing ever
Comes between us;

Never the key to a master pad lock,
Nor the key to a new car,
Nor the one to a safe deposit box.

I want to remain here,
Hanging near you,
Long after wear
Has worn down your teeth.

And whenever we get
Tossed upon the table…

…I wish to be the one
You wind up
Lying beneath.

0714 Haagen-Dazs Habit

I have been making progress
with my ice cream habit…

Whereas, previously,
possessing no self-control,
i would eagerly ingest
the entire carton,

(i was averaging about a pint a day.)

Now, however,
with a little effort,
i can cease consumption,
 about halfway through,
and resist the remaining half
for about half an hour or so…

(give or take)

Next week i intend
to cut back even further,

and limit myself
to a third of a pint,
three times a day.

0614  To Do, Today, Ta-DA!

I awoke today
with things to do;

and all except
one thought of You,
i completely had
my focus.

Then at that time,
You rang the line,

and said come hither,
You would be mine;

which washed my mind
of things to do
as quick as
Hocus Pocus.

0514 The Colorful Rose

A rose can be red, yellow or white.
The color is seen only when in the light.
Since, when in the dark, the color’s not true.
It oftentimes seems as if it were blue,

So, tell me, dear rose, which color are you?
Jump out in the light and show me your hue.
Ah, now i can see, you’re a bit of each one,
a colorful rose, exposed in the sun.

0414 (Only for a Rainy Day)

Drip, drop, drip, drop,
Doubt this rain will ever stop!

Drop, drip, drop, drip,
It’s too cold to take a dip!

Splish, splash, splish, splash,
I already had a bath!

Splash, splish, splash, splish,
Make it stop! I’m not a fish!

Trickle, sprinkle, drizzle, mist…
I think by now you get the gist.

0314 Battle Advice

Make no assumption of your opponent,
just give it your best shot.
Don’t ever think he is giving in,
or you will find that he is not.

Some foes may turn to trickery,
presenting their worst side,
then when they see you think you’ve won,
they will try to turn the tide.

If you are fighting with your best strength,
full confident you’ve won,
when they start to beat you back
it could put you on the run.

So when you’re on the battlefield
put not your trust in arms,
trust only in a steadfast mind,
impervious to charms.

0214 Engaging Poetry

You are but a Poem of exhilarating rhyme;
a Poem that i will read and Love until the end of time.

You are as lovely as a day in Spring’s Sun-filled morn;
when You’re around, i must say, ‘tis Life that You adorn.

My Love for You excels each and every day;
to happily spend my Life with You, every night i pray.

Love is blind, but i can see how beautiful Thou art;
Just You and me, together forever, until death do us part…

0114 Breathing Meditation

With every breath we can relax
and through every motion, stretch;
holding each intention on its mark;
watching every action progress…

Is the key to mastery held by awareness?
In perceiving everything?
By being present,
within the moment,
to embrace the peace it brings?

The mind it seems is prone to wander
and run away when off its leash,
not even contained by time and space,
the end of the Universe within its reach…

And once it’s off and to the races
how can one bring it back?

By being present,
here and now,
and with one long breath,

1213 A Change of Heart

My God left me. This i know.
I chased Him from my presence though;
with my selfishness and sin
to live a life of pain and woe.

I fear my chances may be thin
to brush my soul off and fight again.
Without God’s help, without His grace,
i know that i can never win.

“What are you doing down on your face?
Get up now, and run the race.
You know that if you’re in the light
That I’ll be there to plead your case.”

“But Lord,” i said, “this can’t be right.
I sinned toward you this very night.
How can i escape the flame
when what i did was done in spite?”

“Don’t you hang your head in shame!
I died so you won’t take the blame.
Just repent, confess, that’s all.
That’s the reason why I came.”

So there i sat against the wall
and thought about the words of Paul.
I realized, then, with Godly sorrow,
that i can rise to meet the call.

For God, i’ll use the things i borrow,
and i won’t worry about tomorrow;
and i’ll keep on living with Godly sorrow;
and i’ll keep on giving with Godly sorrow.

1113 Existence

(a companion piece to “Living”)

The world would have you convoluted;
distracted, frustrated, and deluded;
Pressurized, overwhelmed,
exhausted, broken;

Drunk and stupefied;
going through the motion…

Produce what you can,
then sit back, relax,
and get filled with propaganda…

Or just turn off your mind,
but do not dare to turn it on!

Asleep, eyes closed,
heart closed, afraid…

If you are feeling free
it may only be
that you’ve been out to pasture…

When the shepherd calls,
is it to be shorn?
or to be eaten?

O Love

O, Love,
the one i long to see,

how long it’s been
since you and me
were near each other…

I hope it’s not a bother;
me calling.

No trouble to you
do i wish to bring;

nor pain,
nor sorrow;

only pleasure…

and the morrow
peace and joy.

Do i annoy,
if i call and make thee wake?

Or is it dreams fulfilled?
Or present worries stilled?

0813 Thumb Struck Thrice

Once upon a time,
when i was really dumb,
while pounding in some nails,
i hammered on my thumb.

As if it wasn't enough,
i struck it once again,
which made it hurt
more than three times
as it had ever been.

But just to make the job complete,
i smashed it on the third,
then blood came out
and what i yelled
i hope nobody heard...



(a choice four-letter word...)

0713 Cedar
Creek Expedition

Me and Mark and Jon the boat
went up the Cedar Creek.
I didn't know just how to row
and Mark's left arm was weak.

Yet he and i went up there still,
unworried, nor concerned,
for there was naught could test our will...

...until the tide had turned...

Then we were very much aware
of what we'd nor discerned.

Back in the bay
the wind whipped up,
we could not keep our course.

L - O - N - G 
was the lesson
learned that day
of vectors,
and FORCE.

Now my shoulder's sore as hell,
yet i'll show no remorse.

0613 Game Girl

Freedom is a fantasy
for one who waits and wants;

wishing with a worried mind,
half-hopelessly he hunts;

haggard, haunted, helpless;
he hurries on his way;

seeking solace in his game…
but he becomes her prey…

0513 I Wish I Were An Angel 

I went to LA to meet with an angel,
                       who was vibrant,

      and brilliant,

  and awesome,

and sweet.

I think she mistook me, too, for an angel,
which must be the reason that she wanted to meet,

but i’m just a man who’s been wounded in battle,
and i carry the demons i have yet to defeat.

I wish i were an angel so i could sit on a cloud
and gaze into her eyes until eternity’s end…

but unless i can conquer all the demons i carry,
i’m not even worthy to call her my friend,

 so i will wander alone,
as the demons intend.

0413  Poetrys  Purpose

There is more to poetry
than mere words,

no matter how well read,
or written.

There’s more than metaphor, simile,
alliteration, imagery;

more than verse and meter;
than rhyme and time.

Poetry possesses a deeper soul
than any that can be seen
upon the surface,

and it’s this deeper soul
that makes us whole,
which, for me,
is poetry’s purpose.

Here, (beating heart)
there is no competition,
just community,

after all,
we’ve got poetic license,
and impunity.

So let each poet
do their best
to play their role

with all their heart
and make us whole.

0313 O, Helen

O, Helen, when i look into your eyes i see
such beauty:  it could start a war...

well i know, what is in store
for any who would capture thee.

Even Achilles, when laid low in dust,
revealed to us, he was
no better than a heal.

So, forgive me if i squelch the zeal
that is stirred within me, by my lust.

I hope these words will not annoy,
(for you are mine, within my heart,)
but i can not let the epic start,

as Paris did, destroying Troy,
without at least ten thousand Trojans
at my disposal, to deploy.

To Woo:

To woo is not to gain the affection of another,
but to express one's own affection
to a friend or potential lover.

The best approach that i can see
is obviously sincerity,
communicated through the eyes.

This should come as no surprise.

Your spirit's known it since your birth,
and you yourself have felt the mirth
that comes from catching someone's eyes.

True wooing would not ever smother
the will of an unrequiting lover,
but shall always please...
...even when undesired.

So should you find yourself inspired,
do not let it get you mired in passion's folly,
for that would lead to melancholy;
and will only get you sick and tired.

0113 Dead in the Water:
(a sailor's lament)

What ye saith last night,
though i didst not wail,
hath torn apart me tattered sail.

Though the Wind hath wishes
to drive me forth,
i do the dishes...
but plot no course.

Liberae Sentire

    Liberae Mutare

Liberae Exprimere



Colorful and cheery at sunset…

LOUD, violent, and RAGING  in storm.

One day,

(. . . N   o       t       b       f   o   u   n   d . . .)


Ugly, dark, and sullen;

Damp, cold, and dreary;

S o m e t i m e s   s o f t   a n d   p e a c e f u l...

i   b e l i e v e   i ’ m   f e e l i n g   k i n d   o f

c l o u d y


0912 I Want to Love You

I want to Love you

as God would Love you

if He were your friend

the best that i can...


I want to Love you

like i Love God:

with all of my soul;

since i am your friend,

that is my goal.

0812 Sweet

O, sweet summer zephyr,
please come to me
where i sit resting beneath
the catalpa tree;

hiding in the shade,
set beside a glade,
marking the motion of each
butterfly and bee;

waiting wearily
for some soft breeze
to come and comfort me;

caressing exposed skin,
penetrating deep within
the maze of dangling leaves...

...and on your way....
(if i may be so bold to ask,)
as you are sifting
softly through that wildflower field,

would you be so kind to gather
the sweetest scent of nectar
from each and every flower
                           you may pass?

Bring it all to me!
And i will gratefully
revel in your grace;
a great big smile on my face;

then bid adieu to you
as the two of us continue on
to wherever either of us
happen to wind up
once we're gone...

Remember To Forget

Please remember to forget
your issues, conflicts, and regrets,
and all you had worth longing for,
yet, save for thoughts, you have no more.

While holding on to what has gone
you're distracted from what's going on,
and torqued with turmoil, you are missing out
on opportunities to be blissing out.


Once your longing tends
toward letting go,
you will be the first to know
your mind is yours again;

not distracted by the pain
that comes from all that woe,
but clearly conscious and aware
of life's consistent flow.

Now is where you spend your time.
Now is when you're in your prime.
Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
The Present is Life's treasured prize.

0612 Ode to the Dragonfly

                          The dragonfly
                is free to fly
         wherever he
may please,

and spend his day,
in any way,
                            while his mind will stay
at ease...

             Out in the field...
or at the pond...
or on my kayak paddle...

he seems at home,
           while he may roam...
                         i've never seen him battle.

                  Oh, i would i were
the dragonfly...

except one circumstance-

and that is when
               some bird intends
                                     to eat him, not the plants.

0512 You Cannot Think My Thought

You cannot think my thought-
because your brain is not my brain.

Even if i could express my thought-
it would not transfer to you unchanged.

Through my expression and your perception
the thought is likely to be altered...

Yet, even if, somehow, it did stay the same:
it would be your thought
if it were in your brain.

It does not matter what you've been taught.
Each person is responsible for their own thought.
If you don't like it, you posses the power to change.

So, do not hang your head in shame.
No true benefit derives from blame.

0412 Inspiration

on a cold night
she is driving alone,

and i'm on the floor
wondering why
i let her go,

not knowing, for sure,
if i'd lost the one chance
i had had

to wrap myself around her,
pull her in and Love her,
make her feel as sensational
as caressing could instill...

sleepless, i will sit,
poring thought all over it,

attempting to learn
as many lessons
as my intensity permits...

i said to me.

A poem will come of this
if i can simply
let it flow...

0312 An Ode on the Need for Drums:
(to the bass player who was holding my drum set hostage)

I do not think i can accurately express
the intense desire that rages within:
to sit myself down on the throne i once left,
and beat out a rhythm:
i can hardly begin...

I cannot create
a satisfactory sound,
enough to suffice,
on the ashiko i own;

and i'm in constant longing,
and searching for something
that will sate all the surges
that stir in my soul.

The drums that i left there
have long been the channel:
the kata; the alter;
the place i find peace.

If i cannot connect with them, i will falter;
tension and turmoil continually increase.

So do not stand, between a man and his drum set,
you do not understand the drive, and the force,
that possesses the drummer to beat out his rhythm,
and savour the sound...
his soul as its source.

0212 Start Again (in D minor)

Every time i find my way, i only get to go so far,
then some shit will hit the fan, sometimes it leaves a scar,
and when it blows up in my face, and i am seeing stars,
i'll know it's time to start again, while trying to reset the bar.

Even when i'm falling down, i am planning my next rise.
I know from flat upon the ground, my first move is toward the sky.

Let's start again: Persistence, my sincerest friend;
she and i will persevere, until the bitter end.
Let's start again: getting up, a daily trend;
starting out without the fear of what might be around the bend.

Life can get to feeling hard, if you're guilty when you're feeling good.
Tell me, did you get this far avoiding what you think you should?
All i know is, no matter what, i am happy when i'm understood;
and i really would Love everybody if i could.

Even when i'm falling down, as long as i don't die,
while lying flat upon the ground, i'll be trying to get high.

Let's start again: Persistence is my dearest friend,
and she and i will persevere until the bitter end.
Let's start again: getting up, a daily trend;
starting out without the fear of what might be around the bend.

How many times will i fall down, before i can't get up no more?
I will not let me sink and drown, i'll swim until i reach the shore.
No matter now, how many times, there's only one i can't ignore,
and that would be this time around, take it all, and hope for more.

Even when i'm falling down and i know it's time to die,
i'll start my swansong on the ground as i get up and fly.

Who Are WE Really?

If i don't like who people see
when they look at me closely,
why wouldn't i try to change?

And the first thing to change
would be the energy exchange.

So what you see
is the image of the me
i am trying to be.

Look no further and be Edified...
Delve deeper
and run the risk of scaring us both away.

I look forward to the day
when i am the image i set forth,
by basking in the energy
and the loving warmth of the Universe's embrace.

But until that day comes to pass,
as we are standing face to face,
look in my eyes...
see through the disguise
i place before me.

See as clearly as you can
through your lens
that: whoever i am and whatever i be,
i am for thee
since you and me are WE
with ALL there is.

WE are the Universe.
Hopefully in harmony.

The Prodigal

A loving father with two sons divided all he had to give them.
The youngest one took what he got, then left to find his living.

Bad choices and misjudgment had reduced him to the position
of lusting for the food that all the pigs refused to give him.

"My father treats his serving men far better than he does his pigs.
I shall return and plead with him to work within his pig bin

The journey home took him to places his body could not go,
as his mind's eye led him through the slideshow of scenes
in which he brought himself to be so low.

Falling at this father's feet, prostrate, outside the door,
He said, sincerely, "
Forgive me, please. I am asking for no more
than to be your groveling pig hand, for a roof, a meal, a floor

But before he could express his wish, his father pulled him to his breast,
then held him tight, and firmly said, "
My dear boy!
You are in my arms again! I had thought that you were dead!

So the father sent a servant to tell his first-born of the news,
and to go and get the fatted calf, and to gather up the booze,

"For tonight there will be singing, non-stop dancing, and a feast!
My baby boy has been raised from the dead - from the belly of the beast

The oldest son, when he heard the news, did not rejoice as did his father,
because he had held a more critical heart in relation to his brother.
Becoming bitter, he refused to lead the calf down to its slaughter.

So the father went to speak with him to see what was the matter,
to let him know, in certain terms, the calf would get no fatter,
and to set him straight, once and for all, and to end their ceaseless banter.

All the first-born could say was, "My brother's no good!
He has squandered all that you gave him!
Now he's back to beg for more, and you persist to save him!
I have always been here, right by your side. I never cease to do your bidding,
yet you refuse my friends and me a goat or the booze when it's fitting!

But the father just grabbed him in an embrace filled with compassion,
affection, and joy, and said, "
We've mourned four years for my son that was dead -
Now God has returned my baby boy! He's not in the grave!
He's come home to hug; not to tease, nor to fight, nor annoy.
Everything that I have is yours to enjoy.

"You have yet to truly discover the bounty of riches I've entrusted to you,
but your jealousy makes my soul shudder.
I've never once had you consider your ways,
though I knew I'd have to one day or another.

So I would that you'd let me tell you what to do.
Go hug your baby brother

Sunset @ Union: While Waiting for a Tow

Blushing brow and reddened rims,
see colorful clouds as daylight dims.

Off in the east the moon is nigh
as dark and gray becomes the sky.

No more red orb is western view,
but dim-lit clouds of pinkinsh hue
hang lazily -
no seem of care,
yet I am thankful
they are there...
to show me nature
with art and flare
and drive away
my deep dispair.

Two Variables in the
Same Equation

being more
than i appear to be,
some people are not sure
what to make of me,

but leave it to the cats and dogs to judge sincerely,
and you will see
how quickly they will be
cuddling in aside of me.

I Love You
like a prophet Loves his God:
with all my soul.

If you don't Love me in return the same way,
hey, that's ok,
even if between us there's abrasion,
perhaps you're only unaware that we are whole,
two variables in the same equation.

0911 O, Gentle Wisdom

O, Gentle Wisdom within me,
why must it always be
i am so ignorant of thee?

Not that i do not hear ye-
your words are clear,
yet soft as a whisper;

and so concise
it's easy to add
a, "Yes, but..."

-or just continue
with the plan at hand
as if ye hadn't interjected...

...i look forward to a day
when the gentle sway of your input
guides my every action...

i would that were today...

What else can i say?


The scent of death lingers
in the air
from the rotting corpse
of a road kill deer,
laying near the curb,
just out of town,
on the corner of
the cemeterial grounds;
decaying quickly
in the summer's heat;
displaying death
on a one way street;
at the base of the sign post,
below the sign
that says "one way"
not unlike time.

Cat Hair Contentment:
Happiness and

Happiness is standing sideways with a stiff breeze
while pulling cat hairs off my shirt
and casting them, one by one,
to the wind.

Bliss is standing sideways with the same stiff breeze,
but pulling cat hair from my cat in clumps
as he plays with the leaves of the reeds.

Grabbing at them with two soft-fingered mittens,
he places his stamp of approval
as he perforates the leaf with his teeth.

I find it works out best for both when
the breeze catches his hair
before it reaches my shirt.

0611  I Dare Say Robert Frost Would Admit  

I dare say Robert Frost would admit,
at the point of his journey where his poem was inspired,
that the road less traveled was least on his list
of the things that he though his poem was about; 

more so, I think, of the thoughts one amuses
as he ponders the path he so seldom chooses;
in hopes that he might on some special day
when he get around to somehow returning that way.

0511 The Flower and the

The flower
does not go
after the bee,

it simply presents itself
in all of its glory...

and the bee
cannot resist.

0411 Fermata

Sometimes I play the fool
as intensely as I can.
My mind tells me I am insane,
but my heart won't let it end.

I tell myself to let you go,
get onward toward my goal...
and yet I'm drawn
right to your door...
hoping for...
a little more...
of your eyes...
looking into mine...
a smile ( =
and a giggle;
and a long and snug embrace...

0311 Water

Water falls so many times before it meets the sea;
but being there is temporary, for its yearning to be free
evaporates its very sense of belonging.

You'd think it would like to stay awhile,
having traveled for so many miles;
at least to rest and reminisce about where it has been;

but to ride the tide with all the rest
for some would not seem like the best way
to spend eternity.

There are those, at least ONE for sure,
who would not stand a moment more than they had to
of just going with the flow, and doing as they're told...no...

No. For the likes of such as these
who have been sucked through standing trees
as through a straw,

even having to await the thaw...

who will be on their way
come break of day
as soon as they
can change their phase...

then, standing with their heads in clouds
while chanting all their solemn vows
to the ONE who made them as they are
they dance and sing with praise.

0211 Acting Interested

The greatest role that can be played
by any actor upon a stage
is that of the interested audience member.

For, well you know the agony,
as the spotlight's bearing down on thee,
when it's time to let the Muse run free
and dance with vulnerability.

This is no time for "Make Believe."
On the contrary, it is time for you to believe
you are the role that you are in.

So begin to be your sincerest self,
and tap into the deepest wealth
of the emotions that you hide within.

Then, once the light moves on again,
it lands upon your dearest friend
who needs the support your attention brings.

We are all one upon the stage,
like different words upon a page
who, together, can say anything.


If you should choose to follow me
you might make all my mistakes,
for i am likely
to make as many
as anybody makes.
I think it would be wiser
were you to follow your own path.
Then when i tell you my mistakes,
the two of us can laugh.
And should you choose to tell me yours,
though i may be entertained,
it is likely i will learn a lesson
from the knowledge i have gained. 

1210 The Kiss

The bliss of a kiss...
to be touched by your lips...
is a pleasure i wouldn't begin to resist.

Do not hesitate.
There's no need to wait any longer...
for the feeling to grow stronger...
i'm building up the courage to insist.

So kiss me!

1110 What Leads the Butterfly?

Is she driven by thought?
Conformance to laws?
Or not driven at all-

So peaceful in flight
that peace itself
in waves of light
and infects any eye
that can see.

Free to flutter
any which way she happens to go,
in rhythmic dynamics
moving this way and that;

but she is headed somewhere
by whatever leads her
she has a journey,
by a path so seemingly random
you might never notice it.

If you follow her
you may just see what leads her,
or at least where she has been.

If you try to catch her,
she just continues
whimsically on her way

to the next grotto,
or waterfall,
or field of wildflowers,

stopping only where and when she pleases
for only as long as she feels like staying;
and when she happens upon a suitable mate:

she dances...
and frolics...
then flies on...

And where does she go?
I don't know.
I have yet to follow her home.

1010 Striper @ Sunset

It was a crisp autumn evening,
October, i believe,
a nice brisk breeze across my cheek
made me glad i wore long sleeves.

The waning sun was hot upon me,
now it’s sinking low,
as the light gets dimmer,
it grows colder,
and the cloud-lines start to glow.

And as i’m writing and i’m fishing
taking in this painted scene,
a striped bass pulls my pole back—
and i can’t give him slack—

So i stand up reeling easy,
then fight him to the bow,
rod-tip skyward…
playing firmly…
pull him in…

Flapping, slapping, clapping;
Ratt-L-Trap rattles and rolls,
so as i dance across the deck
with contentment to my soles,
i grab the fish over dorsal fin.
Now i’ve reached my goal.

I pull the hooks out carefully,
then pose him with a grin;
smile confidently,
and toss the sucker in.

0910 Karma

Christ has been quoted as saying,
"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."
Where karma claims,
do unto others as you will have others do unto you.

The main difference lies within the vowels:
karma carries a small i
where Christ an o and u.

Karma won't tell you what you should do.
It only offers an opportunity to be aware
that every wave you make in the pond
is going to rock your boat;

but not before it is added to
by the effect it has created
while rocking everything else within the pond.

Every move you make
affects every one of us.
We are all in the same pond.


If a butterfly lit
upon your breast,
with its wings,

and let its spirit
dance with yours,
then taught you many things:

of all the beauty it finds in flowers;
of early morns and evening hours;
of shaded pastures;
gentle showers;
of what it sees in you...

Would then you let it fly away?
Or find a way to make it stay?
A jar might do with a holy lid-
No, not God,
Butterfly forbid!

Let it fly.
It's on its path;
which led to you-

What did you learn?

Now let it be led to all
the gentle hearts that yearn.

0710 Just

Every cell in the hand
has but one purpose:

to be -
and to do
what it does-

unworried by what all the other cells
may be doing-
or thinking-

with so many cells in such proximity,
all being so self-centered,
one might even expect chaos

but with all of them working together as one,
without any need for intent,
or even awareness,
the hand can do some wonderful things...

Just BE
and do whatever it is that you do best.

 0610 Living 

 If living was easy,
everybody would be doing it,
but as it is,
so few of us do.
The rest of us default ourselves to a lifetime of existence.

Living, takes energy,
and an active attempt
at actually focusing on your dreams,
not worrying about what seems to be
the issue of the day,
but going your own way,
and while you’re there,
enjoying every second of the day as it unfolds. 

Your dreams are not the goal,
they are the map that leads you on;
a bearing for you to follow. 

If we are truly blessed
there will be no journey’s end,
just an endless jaunt of exploration,
leading to an understanding of who we are
right now.

0510 Please Don't Pick the Flowers

No matter what beauty a flower possesses,

   i will not try to make her be mine.

Though she look dazzling in lacy dresses,

   to leave her be is divine.

Should i covet, and she be willing,

   i could clip her with ease from the vine.

Take her home, give her top billing,

   let her scent effervesce as we dine.


Adoring her beauty in the privacy of my place,

   with a memory of the field she is from,

where, we first had our intimate embrace,

   where her sisters still reach for the Sun,

who, in harmony bowing along with the breeze,

   all stand together for admiring bees,

exchanging their pollen,

   every one of them buzzing,

eve’n’ drowsing in the shade of the trees...


But the one that was taken will for awhile delight me,

   yet she will wither away from the field.

Though i keep her in water, and sing to her softly,

   cut off from her nurture she can not be healed.


I feel it is better to come home without her,

   basking content in a passing embrace,

with the memory of her standing along with her sisters

   and the glow of the Sun on her face.

0410 Hugs All Around

Although i cannot hug everybody,
and but one man be,
i can hope to inspire you all
to hold each other for me.

My goal being
a Universal Embrace.
every molecule:
face to face,
cheek to cheek
and breast to breast.

Our arms all around us,
like a cardigan vest,
wearing compassion-

-in Love being dressed;
with all our affection
sincerely expressed.

0310 For Valentine's Day (Nothing Personal)

Before you fall in Love with me,
be aware, my heart's not mine, for thee,
but for The Artist, whose creative eye
saw fit to doodle me, by and by;
and on ev'ry solitary stroke of the brush
that's been pressed to the canvas,
i posess a crush.

I am in Love with:
each gentle, passing breeze...
...bubbling waterfall...birdsong...butterfly...and tree...
each evening's dimming, every drop of rain,
all of the stars in the sky, and each kernal of grain;
the canvas, itself, the brush in The Hand,
the palette of colours, every granule of sand.

Each breath i ingest just:
fills me with joy!
Please, be unoffended, i wish not to annoy,
but you see, i can not be, in Love with thee, alone,
for as much as with thee, i am in Love with a stone.

0210 Be Mine, Oh Please Be Mine

Before you feel today is good,
Each day you're special. Understood?

My love is constant.
It does not wane,
Nor ebb, nor flow,
Each day's the same.

Other emotions all have their place.
Hurt feelings may cause a need for space.

Put plainly, though,
Like Sun and Moon,
Each day it's shining,
And if there's gloom,
Still shine it does,
Each day like noon.

Before you feel today is great,
Everyday I love you. It is my fate.

More or less, today is time, I know,
In certain ways to tell you so.
No matter what, I love you heeps.
Err not, my Love, it never sleeps.

0110 The Disclaimer of the son of a Saint

Should i open wide my heart, 
and so, let you see my soul,
you would be under some ruse
if it seemed i had control,
or were somewhat enlightened,
or was somehow above,
any of the "goovna"
we all groan to Love.

Like you, i've got issues,
which, with at points, i conflict,
and i tense up - more than sense up
embracing stress - i constrict.

I am driven, almost senseless,
past the point of intense pain,
and i criticize and tend to judge
anyone critical or judgmental;
and complain about how others
always have to keep complaining.
(Also despite my best attempts
i still pre-judge those who practice prejudice.)

But occasionally i become aware
of how i've acted in unawareness,
and i get the chance to judge my Self
with sincerity and fairness,
and learn compassion in the fire
of Self-judgment and forgiveness.

Strengthened by my finding fault in my Self like every other,
though i struggle hard within my Self to be a loving brother,
i commit my Self to Love my God
even better than my mother.

 1209 Thoughts Inspired on a Walk in the Woods

There is a pace at which all things become visible,
another when everything is audible,
and a third where one becomes invisible.

The obvious escapes the driven.
Shift to neutral - do not brake,
just allow your self to slow.
Quiet your mind - listen...
Quiet your spirit - hear...
Breathe in deep through your nostrils - sense...

Synchronicity may suggest
that you are on the proper path,
but signs can only show you
where you think you ought to go.

To the one who slows themself,
who hears, sees, smells, and senses,
to them the path will be revealed.
Do not follow - but lead...

If you find your self given to criticism,
judgment, or complaint,
you have been successfully distracted.

1109 It's Lonely at the Top: Ode to a Leaf

There's a leaf hanging next to me,
just dangling, sad and dry,
while the wind is blowing it recklessly
in the corner of my eye.
I wonder what he'd yell
if he could out and scream.
I imagine he would speak to me
as if it were a dream.
"I'm dying now, I'm almost dead,
my skin has turned all brown.
Please listen, sir, to what's been said
and drop me to the ground."
"Drop you to the ground? Poor leaf,
you will just lay and rot.
Don't you see the way that your friends grieve
while you're still up on top?"
"I'm up on top. I'm all alone.
My friends are all together.
I'd rather die than be alone.
It's got to be much better.

First of all, I know,
it ain't about me,
about my story,what happened to me.
It's about community.
It's about unity.
It's about you and me
It's about this and that
becoming aware
together they are one,
and when apart,
they are but part. 
I desire to tell this to the world
sincerely from my heart.

0909 I Watched A Butterfly

I watched a butterfly,white, unspeckled,
flew behind me
left to right,
fluttering softly away from me
in three dimensional serpentine flight.
She passed so many, once she left me,
as close, or closer, than to me.
I watched to learn from those who'd notice...
but not a single one could see 
-it seems their minds are not yet free.

0809 Women!!! 

Not think about women? 
I wonder if i could do that. 
Not think is more like it. 
Not look??? 
But what beauty! 
Women are god's living artwork: 
as awesome and majestic as the setting sun, 
and as refreshing as a cool mountain stream, 
as warm as the sun baked sand, 
and as fragrant as a field of wildflowers. 
Their flowing hair entangles my concentration. 
Their delicate skin cries out to be caressed. 
Their gentle voice sings with a soft and playful tone 
that extinguishes any doleful thought and moves me to paradise. 
Ah, woman! 
The last of god's creations, 
and the best, 
created in the image of god, for me! 
Thank you god!!! 
0709 For the Smile of Laura J : )
upon receiving praise for her poem
The smile you wore,
your poem being read,
was by far more beautiful
than any flower,
by far more beautiful
than any i'd seen.
I only wish you'd been
smiling at me. 

 0609 Mt. Allamuchy:
a silly but accurate account of my first (and last) solo climb

Atop of the summit i was standing alone, 
wondering if i should just leave and go home, 
or climb by myself, so green and unsure, 
hoping my harness would keep me secure.

So peaceful in ponderance, i stood and i stared, 
realizing i'd never had need to be dared,
so i stretched as i gazed at the river below 
which was flooding the valley with its overflow.
I tied myself off to a cedar on top 
and rappelled to the bottom of a hundred foot drop,
but with the rope doubled over, it didn't make ground, 
which i didn't realize until i got down.
"That's no trouble at all," i said to myself, 
since i was planning to climb back up to the shelf
the way i just came, from the bottom, or here, 
it's all just the same, and i have no fear.
So i pulled the rope tight and tied on both ends 
to my harness as i said just a couple "amens"
then i switched my Reverso over to climb, 
and i stared up the steep cliff...(am i out of my mind?)
"No sweat," i told me, "you got the whole day, 
now get yourself moving and shout, 'on belay!'"
Well upward i went, but slipped right back down 
because wet moss was covering the rock all around. 
So i studied the wall until i found a nice crack, 
then i climbed up five feet and pulled out the slack.
The ten feet of rope i dropped down behind 
as i was holding on tight to a poison ivy vine.
That's when i realized, this was not a good time 
to be self-belaying, since it takes a free hand,
and i can't see the next place that i'll be able to stand.
Then i saw the next place, a bit off to the right, 
but this was a bad choice because the rope wedged in tight
as i made for the flat spot where i'd be able to stand, 
and pull all the slack out with my free hand.
The slack wouldn't come out, the rope would not move, 
that's when i realized it got stuck in a groove.
So i made for the groove to free up the rope.  
To get there with ease was all i could hope.
Unfortunately though, i grabbed the wrong shelf - 
it was steady - until i committed myself,
then out from the wall it slid as i gripped, 
and dropped to the ground as both my feet slipped.
I fell fifteen feet, and swung to the left, 
which unwedged the rope, as you might have guessed.
The rock ripped right through my pants and my skin 
and abraided my arm, my thigh, and my shin.
"So right's the wrong way." i said as i hung, 
and i shook like a leaf, i should not have begun,
yet here i am hanging twenty feet off the ground, 
with eighty above me, and no one around.
"Climb on!" i said boldly, "You know you can do it!" 
(As if there's a choice; man, i really blew it!)
"Climbing!" i screamed, "i won't be beat by this rock. 
I know i will make it, i will get to the top.
"So up to the left, i climbed right through a tree, 
Black Birch as it turns out is an omen for me.
So i broke off a twig that i stuck in my teeth, 
then pulled out the slack, and it dropped twenty feet.
With a freshened resolve, yet still weak and shaky, 
i realized tomorrow i'd be really achy.
"The hell with tomorrow, today is the day, 
i will conquer this mountain, i'm almost half-way.
"Then up to the left, the rope got caught on the tree...
(Damn this is tough! and i've got to pee!)
But i ain't stopping here, where there's no place to stand. 
I can't hold on much longer, something's biting my hand,
and both feet are slipping, so i muscled on through, 
and i'm really just glad that i don't have to poo!
Well, i got to a ledge, but i don't stop to rest 
because i can now see the top and i'm feeling refreshed,
it was layed out before me as if there were stairs, 
so i ran up them quickly, forgetting my cares.
At the top i collapsed;  i was too weak to stand, 
and from rubbing my elbow, i got blood on my hand.
So i rested a bit, and then pulled up my rope, 
which got stuck three times, as i started to hope
that i didn't have to climb back down to get free, 
that's when i realized, i still had to pee.
A couple days later, i got poison ivy.  

0509 Be Beautiful

You want the world a beautiful place?
Then be beautiful, and listen for the buzz...
And see beautiful, then your world will be beauty.
Ask any flower, That's what she does.

0409 A Poem for April: Fools

Misery and discontent
can often spread without intent,
for as we worry, we wear a frown,
and tend to bring each other down.

It takes the fool to be the one
to inspire joy in everyone,
each their own specific style,
infecting all with pleasant smiles.

Should you find it in your heart
to play the fool and do your part,
you will find before too long
that your world is filled with song.

Do not speak ill of anyone,
(include yourself here, just for fun,)
and see the good in every soul,
(then help them see it, that's the goal.)

While you wander through the weeds
singing songs and sowing seeds,
you may find upon occasion
that you have run across abrasion.
Do not tarry there too long,
cast your seed and move along.

0309 Looking Up

One clear dark night as i lay down supine upon some grass,
i stared intently at the stars as not to let one pass.
While counting meteors i recounted how my hard life has changed
since i have started looing up i've seen things rearranged.

It used to be, i could not see through the clutter and confusion,
but peace-filled night-times such as these has ceased my disillusion.
Now wide-eyed, i lay, open-minded, no thoughts of obligation,
i let the lights of long ago illume my meditation.
Enlightened by a billion suns, my details seem so minor,
i organized them on a napkin stained with coffee at the diner.

0209 Blizzard in a Cedar Swamp 2003

I'm lying in a cedar swamp on a snowbank piled high,
listening to the north wind as the cedars sway and sigh,
seeing through the sillouette, the moon is shining bright,
rising up beyond the trees and lighting up the night.

I walked a mile through knee-deep snow to rest here in this place,
to see the sunlight disappear until there wasn't any trace of light,
or treetops, or snow around me, no contrast to be found,
only wind, and scraping trees, but not another sound.

I watched the sun set, then the moon rise,
i saw the tree tops reappear,
i lay softly on a snow drift while i contemplated fear:
i'm not afraid of my aloneness; i'm not afraid of night;
i'm not afraid of falling; or of climbing any height.

I'm not afraid to meet my Maker, i try to do my part
to understand the Artist through the study of his art.

Plain As Day

I saw a sculptor, plain as day,
chiseling, on some hardened clay;
as all the pieces fell away i closed my eyes.
The image stayed...

For years i pondered; and tried to draw
the image of this metaphor
in hope i could record the scene
before it was no longer seen
on the palette of my mind.

One eve's repose, as i reclined,
through the opening of my eye i find
a deeper image has come in view.

The sculpture holds a chisel too;
gently sculpting,
the sculptor's heart.
The artist, smiling;
a world apart;
doing what he loves to do.
Watch fir this, you'll see it too.

12/08 The Destiny of a Water Molecule

If you get in my way,
i will flow around you.

If you cause too much resistance,
i will smooth your edges with soft persistence.

If you dam me,
i will grow deeper
and rise above it.

But i will
reach the ocean

I am water.
It is my destiny.

1108 Reflection on Lake Calhoun

i've looked for god in every tree,
in every flower, and every bee.
i've listened for god's spoken word
in every single sound i've heard.

i've learned enough to tend my ways
toward compassion, love,
and beauty's praise.
i understand
i'm just one part
of the masterpiece
that is god's art.

i trust one day that i will know
how deep in love one man can grow
and on that day i hope to see
the face of god smiling back at me.

1008 Beauty's Curse

Beauty is a blessing but can also be a curse,
for those of limited scope
would exploit it for its worth.
The flower in the field will flourish
bringing joy to every bee
who buzz about its pleasant scent
in peaceful harmony;

But if a lover likes its looks
they kill it when they can
to gain a smile from their love
while it withers till its end.

The beauty of the big brown bear
lies in his coat of fur
which is the reason why he's killed
to make a covering for the floor.

And in the tree its beauty lies
in its standing tall, and proud.
But men would profit from its strength
and aim to chop it down.

Why would man not wish to be one
with all these living things
and let them live their fullest lives
while in harmony, he sings?

Oh, woman, i have seen you sought
by men of selfish lust
who would attempt to take your soul
once they have gained your trust.

I'm not like them,
though i am drawn
to your blossum
by its beauty.
I am the bee,
content to buzz,
producing poems
as sweet as honey.

0908 Susan BAnthony

Oh, my Lady,
i hope it don't disturb you
when you find
that you've become the object
of my romantic mind.

The Muse is always searching
and it seems that she has found
inspiration in your eyes
and in the soulful sound
of the softness of your voice.

So you see, it leaves no choice
but for me to write.

It was just last night
when i met you on the lane,
almost immediately
my brain began to swim.

So please don't think me dim,
or just another dope,
because i kind of got the hope
of meeting you again.

At least, to be your friend,
and see if you inspire my Muse to catch on fire
(or something even higher)

Please tell me, lovely Lady,
what is your desire?

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