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As Day

I saw a sculptor,
plain as day,
chiseling on some hardened clay;
as all the pieces fell away,
I closed my eyes.
The image stayed.

For years I pondered,
and tried to draw
a picture of this metaphor,
in hope I could record the scene
before it was no longer seen
on the palette of my mind.

One eve's repose as I reclined,
through the opening of my eye
I find a deeper depiction
has come in view...

The sculpture holds a chisel too;
sculpting gently the sculptor's heart...

The artist,
a world apart,
is doing what he loves to do...

Watch for this,
you'll see it too.

Cat Hair Contentment:
Happiness and Bliss

is standing sideways
with a stiff breeze,
while pulling cat hairs off my shirt,
one by one,
and casting them to the wind.

Bliss is standing sideways
with the same stiff breeze,
but pulling cat hair from my cat
in clumps, as he plays
with the leaves of the reeds...

Grabbing at them
with two soft-fingered mittens,
he places his stamp of approval
as he perforates the leaf
with his teeth.

I find it works best
for both,
when the wind catches his hair
it reaches my shirt.

The Lakewood Lions Renaissance Faire is always on the third weekend
of September at Pine Park on
County Line Road in Lakewood, NJ.

I intend to appear there
for my fourteenth year on
September 21st and 22nd, 2019.

Come on out and see me there along with some other amazing performers and some real deal jousting!

photo by Marilyn Frenkel @ 2004

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